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What's YOUR Goal?

This weekend is Obstacle Fitness' first event and I'm really excited. Before I get there, though, I need to get through the Spartan Super. It's 8 miles and 25 obstacles. I have been wanting to do this race for several years but it's never come to fruition for one reason or another. I had signed up for this race last year but I ended up spraining my ankle a few weekends before. But now it's 4 days away and I'm feeling healthy. My ultimate goal of an Spartan is a burpee-free run. I have yet to achieve this.

The past obstacles that I have had a hard time conquering are the spear throw, the rope climb and monkey bars. My monkey bars have gotten a lot better and I've done this at my last few races. I'm confident about the rope climb too. That spear continues to elude me when I'm in the moment. With any luck, muscle memory will overtake any nerves I have. But if I miss any other obstacle other than the spear, I'll be bummed out.

What obstacles elude you?

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