Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What's the maximum number of kids that can be at an event?

Our current cap is eight kids. Any kids beyond eight will be charged an additional $30 per child.

Is your program for kids only?

Not necessarily! While the our programs are for kids between the ages of 3 and 11, there's no reason the whole family can't participate. In fact, kids love seeing their parents in action. Please note that the limit of total people is still six people.

What ages are your programs intended for?

Our Backyard Basics program is for kids in elementary and early middle school. Our Wee Warriors program is for kids in preschool or kindergarten (three to five years old). If your Wee Warrior is still a little unsteady on his or her feet, an older sibling or parent will need to be present to assist them if needed.

Can parents attend if their kids are younger than elementary school age?

Yes. Due to social distancing requirements because of COVID-19, we ask that kids be old enough to play the games and go through the obstacle course without assistance. If you have little ones who are a little unsteady on their feet, they can attend but a parent or older sibling must be present to assist them.

Do parents need to be outside with the kids when the Obstacle Fitness program is running?

As long as all kids are at least in kindergarten, parents are welcome to stay inside their house once the kids are settled. We do have a few requests:

  1. When we’re setting up, please let us work without kids present so we can get things up and running as quickly as possible.
  2. While you don't need to be outside, we do ask that there’s at least one adult present in the house in the event that something comes up during the program.
  3. If you have little ones that might need extra assistance, you will need to be present to help them if they need it.
The point of our program is to give parents a break, so as long as the kids are able to handle the obstacles without adult assistance, you’re welcome to go back inside and do your own thing.

How much space do I need for the Obstacle Fitness program?

We can pretty much work with whatever space you have, but the course works best with at least 30' by 30'. If you're worried about whether you have enough space, give us a call--we're happy to make a site visit for no extra charge.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a $50 deposit is required at booking for Backyard Basics and $40 for Wee Warriors. This deposit can be refunded if you cancel by 8 AM on the day of your program.

Do you offer birthday party packages?

Backyard Basics is perfect for birthday parties! We bring the obstacle course and fun, and you bring everything else. :)

I live in an apartment or condo complex and I don't have my own yard.  Can we still book with you?

If there's a common area that is useable, we're happy to set up there. Please note that you'll need to get permission from the apartment or condo management company.

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

We encourage all participants to complete their waivers prior to their program. There are a few ways to do this: 1. Simply click on the "Sign Our Waiver" button on the top of our webpage prior to your scheduled program. 2. Complete the "Sign Our Waiver" link on the confirmation email you receive. Additionally, parents/guardians will need to complete a COVID-19 attestation form when dropping off their child(ren).

Who needs to fill out waivers?

All parents or guardians are required to submit waivers for their own children. Fortunately this can all be done online!

Do you offer packages?

Yes! Our Active Academy is for those that are interested in us coming to their house on a recurring basis. We can create any kind of package you would like, but you can find pricing for different durations on our Programs Offered page. If you're interested in that, let us know! We can also provide quotes on other timeframes.

I booked an event! Now what?

Thanks for booking! Upon booking, you should receive a confirmation email. Please check your Spam/Junk/Promotions folders--sometimes our emails end up there. You should also receive a follow-up email within two business days that outlines next steps and a few housekeeping items. If you don't receive it, reach out to us.

What happens at the event? I'm not sure my kids would be interested in going through an obstacle course over and over again.

You're right, they probably wouldn't. Fortunately, that's not how we run our program. We run the kids through each obstacle separately, trying different ways to go through each obstalce. Once we've reviewed each obstacle, the kids are let loose to go through on their own. More often than not, we have to end things before they're done.

Why do you need an hour to setup?

We bring 10-12 obstacles with us and it takes time to unload our van and get things setup. We work as fast as we can and appreciate your patience!


How do you clean your equipment?

We follow the protocols as recommended by the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. For additional information, please go to our section on COVID-19 Guidelines.

Do you hold any events inside?

Yes, we can have events inside. If you have access to a warehouse or an inside gym, we're happy to setup there. Just let us know beforehand so we can prepare for that.

Why do you charge a $10 COVID cleaning fee?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased requirements for sanitizing and cleaning equipment as well as making sure staff and participants stay safe. This has resulted in increased costs associated with cleaning and sanitizing equipment between program sessions. As a result of the increased costs and the impact COVID-19 has had on our own business, we've instituted this cleaning fee.

Bad Weather

What happens in the event of bad weather? Can I cancel or reschedule?

We want everyone to have a good time. However, anyone that lives in New England knows that the weather can change. That being said, obstacle course races happen all the time, rain or shine, and we find that kids are rarely deterred by bad weather (as long as they're dressed for it!). We also know that things come up. If you need to cancel for some reason, please call us by 8 am the day of your event at 508-640-5250 and we can reschedule for no fee. If a terrible weather event (thunderstorm, blizzard, etc.) is forecasted, we stay in contact with you to monitor this.

Do you offer an indoor program?

If you want to hold our program indoors and you have access to a well-ventilated indoor space, we're happy to have that conversation.

How long do you plan on holding programs outdoors?

Forever? Our intent is to always be outside if possible, but we're happy to have a conversation about having our program indoors if you have the space for it.

How cold is too cold for an Obstacle Fitness event?

We live in New England. If we stayed indoors whenever the weather was bad, we wouldn't leave the house much between November and March. That being said, our first focus is that the kids are safe, so we'll reschedule in the event of a snowstorm or if the windchill temperature is 15° F or lower.

Service areas

What parts of Massachusetts do you serve?

We're based in Natick, so we primarily serve Natick and its surrounding areas including: Framingham, Wellesley, Wayland, Weston, Sherborn, Sudbury, Needham, Newton and Ashland. However, if you live outside of one of these towns, give us a call anyway. We can probably make something work, but a traveling service fee may apply and we'll need to factor in additional time for travel. Check out our Service Areas page for more information.

What if I live outside of your primary service areas?

Give us a call! We can probably make something work, but a traveling service fee may apply and we’ll need to factor in additional time for travel.

Scheduling questions

Can I schedule more than the alloted time for my program?

Potentially. It depends on what else is scheduled in a particular day, but we're happy to talk about it. Just a note that this will require an additional fee and that if you do want to schedule additional time, you'll have to reach out to us to let us know.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

If you need to reschedule or cancel, please call us by 8 AM on the day of your event to let us know and we can reschedule for no cost. If you cancel after 8 AM you will lose your $50 deposit.

I'm not sure how many kids are coming yet.  Which option should I choose when booking?

Choose the one that you're planning for. For example, if you're planning on inviting six kids, choose the package for six to eight kids. If less than six end up at the party, we'll charge you for the one to five kid package. Likewise, if you're only planning on inviting four kids but then you invite more, that's fine too. At the end of the day, we'll charge you for the number of kids that make it to the party.