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On the Road: Time to Rest or Keep the Momentum going?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I'm heading out for a family wedding early tomorrow morning. When I used to travel for work, I usually never had much time to workout on the road because there usually wasn't enough down time. On the other hand, when I go away for vacation, I tend to keep up the exercise routine as much as I can. Truthfully, this is generally because I love alone time, and long runs and workouts tend to be my only solitary time on family vacations.

The schedule for this weekend is pretty packed. There are pre-wedding festivities, the wedding itself, and post-wedding festivities. I could probably make time in the day to exercise, and I'm sure I'm going to want solitary time (did I mention I'm sharing a hotel room with my parents???), but in this case, I'm using this trip as a much needed rest. I don't have the lack of motivation that usually accompanies overtraining, but my body is telling me to cool it for a few days. This is the perfect opportunity to do so. If I were home and did a self-imposed rest, I'd be consumed with guilt about not working out. Instead, I have the luxury of a busy schedule and time away from my routine to distract me.

This doesn't mean I'm going nuts. I'm still going to try and eat healthy and move as much as I can, even if it's just getting out for walks while I can. But I'm looking back to coming back healthy and refreshed, ready to conquer next week's workouts.

Do you try and exercise on the road? Or you more likely to keep up your routine when your'e on a work trip or a personal trip? What are the signs your body gives you when it needs a rest?

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