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What you missed at this weekend's Spartan Workout Tour

This past weekend I assisted at the Spartan Workout Tour (AKA WOT), held at the Seaport Common in Downtown Boston. Despite the threat of bad weather, the rain held off and it was a beautiful day for an outdoor workout. Andi Hardy ran a one-hour class that focused on exercises to prepare you for your next Spartan. Afterwards, attendees had the chance to run a short obstacle course that included a 6-foot wall, low crawl, jerry can carry, med ball squats and rope climb.

Every time I attend an event like this I'm reminded why I became an SGX coach. I'll be the first to admit that I'm strong, but I'm not the strongest. But I like to think that I can be a source of inspiration and motivation to others. You definitely need to put in the work to conquer obstacles. But I'm proof that you don't need to have huge muscles to participate in an obstacle course race.

If you're free next Saturday, Spartan is holding another WOT at the same spot. Also, did I mention that the workout is free? It's supposed to be another beautiful weekend so I hope to see you out there!


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