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The Obstacle Course Race Cancellations Continue

About three weeks ago I received the official confirmation that the third of the three Spartan races I had registered for in 2020 had officially been cancelled. Sigh. Back then, the official remaining Spartan race schedule was as follows:

In eyeballing the current race list on the Spartan site, it doesn't look like this has changed much but with states like Texas and California seeing resurgences, it wouldn't surprise if this list continues to be fluid.

About two months ago I expressed my dismay at Joe De Sena's tone deaf comments and his commitment to holding as many races as he could despite the pandemic. Spartan held a race in Jacksonville, Florida in mid-June and you can read an overview of it here. All in all, it seemed a bit anti-climatic. There are a handful of Hurricane Heat and trail races scheduled, but the next official Spartan obstacle course race is scheduled for West Virginia and Utah at the end of August.

Earlier this week, Tough Mudder, which was acquired by Spartan earlier this year, announced they were cancelling their remaining events for the year. Given that Tough Mudder's approach is more team-based, this isn't a huge surprise.

So what's left? Savage Race is still scheduled to hold a handful of races this year, but as Spartan did, they're making considerable changes. Rugged Maniac is also still planning on holding a handful of races, including the one in New England. Again, time will tell as to what eventually happens. But it's looking more and more that like so many other events in 2020, the season has been cancelled.

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