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RIP 2020 Obstacle Course Racing Season

Like the majority of us (all of us? Is there anyone that's having a good year?), Spartan and Tough Mudder would like to forget the year 2020-both companies have officially cancelled the rest of their scheduled races for 2020. Given that more than half of Spartan's remaining races were going to be in California, this isn't a huge surprise.

Spartan held one race this year and Tough Mudder held zero. Savage Race is still holding out hope--they held a race in Chicago last weekend that from what I heard went well. They have a handful of races still scheduled for 2020, mostly in Southern states. Your guess is as good as mine if these will happen.

Man I miss racing. The good news is we're past the halfway point of this dumpster fire of a year. We still have a ways to go. What do you miss most about obstacle racing?

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