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Plyo on the Paddleboard

Hi all--I created another video of my stupid human tricks on the paddleboard. I'm aware that these are pretty amateurish but admittedly, I don't care. I like making them and thus far I've received nothing but positive feedback. A few thoughts:

  • Thanks for the positive comments: I'm not trying to be perfect in these videos. I cringe at my form sometimes. But I am determined to show my progression over time.

  • I will be posting outtakes: I have fallen off of the paddleboard while practicing. Several times. Lunges are particularly hard on the paddleboard. Unfortunately I haven't been filmed falling off of the board, but it will happen and I promise that I will post it when it does.

  • What would you like to see? I have more that I haven't edited yet. What stupid human trick would you like to see?

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