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Keeping Your Exercise Mojo During COVID-19

Is it just me or is the movie Groundhog Day hitting a nerve these days? Back in January I wrote a post about setting goals. Having a target goal is critical when you're motivating yourself to do something, but what happens when your goal was to run a race and that race has been cancelled? Even if you can see past the cancelled race, how do you stay motivated when each day seems exactly the same as the day before? The Washington Post recently wrote an article about this topic. It's worth a read, but here's what's working for us personally these days:

  1. Keep your community: When my gym initially shut down, some of us who regularly attended the 6 am class began a group text. This chain has allowed us to cheer each other on, complain, and laugh even though we haven't seen each other in person. Our gym holds a 7 am Zoom class, so we sort of get to "see" each other a few mornings a week, but the group text also allows us to hold each other accountable.

  2. Mix it up: There's a ton of different workouts out there, many of them free. Try something new that perhaps you wouldn't have taken the time to do previously. Take a walk outside (alone or with your family. If I'm being honest, I love to go on walks so I can get some solitude). Or check out my series on creating an obstacle course in your yard.

  3. Be kind to yourself: In our group chat, we all acknowledge that our fitness levels have probably declined a little these past few months. That's okay. Now is not the time to beat yourself up because you weren't sweating like a beast or because your mile time is declining. You'll get it back.

  4. Every little bit counts: It's okay if you didn't go all-out during your workout. It's even okay if you didn't do your workout at all (see #3). But if you miss a workout, go for a quick walk. Go for a short bike ride. Something is better than nothing.

Many times it doesn't feel like it, but this will pass. Races will come back. They might look a little different, but we'll deal with that when it comes. What have you been doing to try and stay motivated?

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