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It doesn't matter what kind of exercise you do, just make sure you have fun

When I talk about obstacle course racing and my love for the sport, I get many different responses from people. They include but aren't limited to, "that sounds intense", "I'd be too intimidated", "I don't like to get dirty", "I'm a runner but those races have always seemed daunting". To which I generally respond along the lines of, "just give it a try."

Beginning (or starting) an exercise program can be daunting. I have incredible respect whenever I see a new person at a class or see somebody running and they are struggling. It can be even more discouraging if you stick with it and you don't see the same results that others are seeing. Turns out, this might not be accidental or a reflection on you.

A recent study came out that demonstrated that not all people respond equally to the same kind of exercise. In other words, you and I could both participate regularly in a fitness class and you could see results and I won't. And then we could try a different kind of class and I could see results and you won't. The "why" around this isn't clear yet.

The good news about all of this is that if something isn't working for you--try something else! I know it can be intimidating to try new things. But you just might be rewarded by having fun, finding a new passion and end up getting in really good shape. And if not, then you have a new topic for your next (Zoom) party.

What new activity have you considered trying? What are you looking forward to getting back to when COVID-19 restrictions end?

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